Neat and clean clothes to keep you comfortable every day!

Lazy folding clothes board,orderly and orderly!

Sometimes folding laundry can be calming and relaxing. It may appeal to a person’s organized nature, or act as a soothing repetitive motion. However, others are not quite so happy to do the activity.
Folding your clothing allows for more storage space.
Folding also reduces the amount of wrinkles or creases in your laundry.
Folding laundry can make it last longer.
Organization is key for a peaceful daily routine, and folding your clothes is a key part of organizing. Folded clothes in a stack are easy to access, and to group together with articles of a similar nature. This process will make your life much easier than attempting to locate a certain piece of clothing in an unmanageable pile.
Lazy folding clothes board,orderly and orderly!

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About mini portable washing machine story

This is small & about the only things that really can fit are underwear, socks & washcloths. But it is what it is & not intended to wash big loads or articles of clothing like a man’s shirt, pair of jeans or a bath towel.

The directions leave a lot to be desired. How much water do I add? How much detergent? Can it be emptied safely—what I did find said to wipe it down? When do I dump the water & refill it to rinse it? Do I have to stay next to the washer while it’s running so it doesn’t overflow? Could it collapse during use?

I guesstimated everything the directions omitted beginning with adding 4 quarts of hot water. That will be dependent on how large a load will be washed. I put some liquid laundry detergent on a washcloth & put a total of four washcloths in the expandable tub.

The vague directions say to plug it in, hold the button for two seconds & the operating light will come on. Touch the washing button & it’s off to work. It goes in one direction for several revolutions, switches to the other direction & after a few times a vibration & deep noise is heard. That’s the ozone generator working & is a normal action. It repeats this process several times until it completes its cycle.

I didn’t touch it again & left it to work. I did lift the lid a time or two & could tell that even though I thought I was starting with a fairly clean load—2 lightly used washcloths & 2 that’d been on the shelf & needed refreshing, the water was dirty. When it shut off, I unplugged it & carefully dumped the dirty water, making sure not to get any of it in the bottom unit—the motor area. I carefully rinsed it then added another four quarts of water, added the four washcloths & let it run again.

On the rinse load, I forgot to start it just like for original washing & after plugging it back in, pushed the button. No results because you have to hold the button for two seconds THEN lightly touch the washing button. Voila! It worked. Repeating the same cycle as it had while washing, nine minutes later it beeped, indicating it was finished.
The washcloths were acceptably clean but I’d forgotten the scent stuff I always use in the washer so did another rinse with the granules. They didn’t dissolve immediately but had by the time the load finished.

I did the wash & rinse load in 18 minutes operating time—add a couple more minutes to dump, rinse & add the rinse water, then dump & wipe down the machine. Add another 9 minutes for my extra scented load although I won’t forget that next time. I had to squeeze the water out & hang the washcloths but they were clean & smelled good.

Will it find a home in our RV? Most definitely. All of the smaller items can be washed & I can save the larger things for the laundromat. I’ll wash dishcloths, washcloths, kitchen towels, potholders, my bras & most definitely, my husband & my underwear & socks. An advantage to doing this over taking it to the laundromat, the smaller things, like socks, won’t end up with one missing. I don’t want to backtrack to check if I dropped it on the sidewalk or left it in the machine. Or heaven forbid, the machine ate it. This portable & collapsible washer has no where to hide the small things so that’s unlikely.



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