Non slip Best yoga mat for Men & Women

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The TPE two-color Best yoga mat for Men & Women with body position line,dense, tough, with a high degree of elasticity, more cushioning, anti-vibration.

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Best Material Yoga Mat For Men & Women

The best yoga mat for Men & Women is made with comfort in mind, you can easily pick up from kingwolfs.  The TPE two-color non slip yoga mat incorporates laser engraving of the body position for posture guidance. It is the preferred method for beginners. Dense, tough, with a high degree of elasticity, cushioning, and anti-vibration.

 Are you looking for a higher-quality Yoga mat?, This is the perfect  Yoga mat for you. Make your own personal home gym or yoga studio with Best Yoga Mat For Men. the same characteristics as our best-selling TPE two-color yoga mat, the TPE two-color non slip yoga mat is Large Yoga Studio, and Gymnasium  is the perfect fair competition.


The Yoga Mat for Women & Men Healthy and environmentally friendly, one-piece molding technology contains no harmful substances such as glue and retains only the natural aroma of the raw material.

Strong rebounding power, buffering decompression, avoiding abrasions, and avoiding joint damage in this Mat. The double-sided embossing technique is unique.

The shell pattern on the front increases palm friction, the wave pattern on the back firmly anchors the foot to the ground, and the sides are non-slip. Wear- and tear-resistant, capable of withstanding high strength tension, and preventing edge abrasion and cracking.


Features of Best Yoga Mat

  • TPE is an extremely ecologically friendly substance that can be recycled and degraded, has no off-putting odor, and emits no formaldehyde. There is no chloride, no metal components, and it is antistatic .
  • TPE material seals out moisture and bacteria. Easy to disinfect and clean.
  • The most popular mat recommended by YOGA teachers worldwide.
  • Strong material can tolerate your strongest strenuous exercises.
  •  Excellent waterproofing, quick-drying, and easy cleaning.
  • Its softness and comfort give support for joints including the knees, ankles, and wrists.

We use natural material on our yoga mat for men and women, which has a much stronger grip and more cushion than any material.

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86 Reviews For This Product

  1. 86

    by James Koster

    Have been looking for an better mat for awhile now and this one is perfect, especially to use on wooden flooring. Great for yoga/stretching, not sure about general exercise as it does affect your balance and takes some adjustment. So, so comfortable to relax on.

  2. 86

    by Coen Jacobs

    I bought this mat for my wife as she was starting to exercise at home. The problem was, we have wood floors that hurt her knees and arms during certain exercises. The mat has held up flawlessly and my wife loves it.

  3. 86

    by 😍 Carmen 😍

    I recently got into hot yoga and heard that TPE mats were much more ideal than your typical basic PVC sticky mat. So, I found this one and I absolutely love it! It lays flat, rolls up nicely and has the right amount of grip and thickness. It wipes down well and doesn’t hold any smell/sweat. Love it! Came quickly and is exactly as described.

  4. 86

    by 💋 Adriana 💋

    This mat is great for any type of standing exercise. I use it on plush carpet and it’s been great for my strength classes using weights and stable enough for lunges and movements where you need to stand on one leg. I like to work out barefoot and this mat is stable enough for me to work out on. I used to work out on my floor and would get calluses from it but this mat saved me from that!

  5. 86

    by Edwin

    In addition to the beautiful two colors (different on each side), the traction on these mats makes it super non-slip. I love this yoga mat! Thick enough to absorb the tension you place on your muscles. Cute style and colors. Easy to roll up. Heavy enough to lay flat. It’s an all-around good product. I rate it highly!

  6. 86

    by Latanya

    I like taking this TPE two color Yoga Mat to the yoga studio with me every time I go. It’s great having my own with me. I like the textured surface that makes it easy for me to use when performing my exercises and poses. I like that it has a good grip and is lightweight makes it easy to carry around. The mat is easy to roll up and durable. It is a high-quality mat to have. I positively recommend this product to all my family and friends. I am very content with it.

  7. 86

    by Wendy

    I’ve only used it a few times so far. It’s comfortable to stretch on and protects my joints from our hard floor. I have arthritis in my knees and spine. The mat works as intended and makes doing my stretches and exercising more comfortable and easier on my joints. I’ve used many other yoga mats and I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend it.

  8. 86

    by Kam

    For working out at home this mat is ideal. It’s an excellent value for the price. Both my wife and I have been using it 5 times a week and not once has it broken or slipped out of place. It has great protection too for your feet and flooring! The colors are rich. We enjoy using it, especially over the super foamy or thin ones. The thickness is perfect for our needs.

  9. 86

    by Benny

  10. 86

    by Mona

  11. 86

    by Frieda

  12. 86

    by Gerardo

  13. 86

    by Erlinda

  14. 86

    by Cleveland

    Very nice post.

  15. 86

    by Deangelo

  16. 86

    by TedHurdy

  17. 86

    by IvyHurdy

  18. 86

    by Ricsouth

  19. 86

    by Jamesmof

  20. 86

    by JaneHurdy

  21. 86

    by RobertBat

  22. 86

    by Curtisbes

  23. 86

    by Michaelbrema

  24. 86

    by MaryHurdy

  25. 86

    by DarrylMot

  26. 86

    by JimHurdy

  27. 86

    by SamHurdy

  28. 86

    by UgoHurdy

  29. 86

    by WimHurdy

  30. 86

    by EyeHurdy

  31. 86

    by DarrylMot

  32. 86

    by MiclGoara

  33. 86

    by MichaelBag

  34. 86

    by MiaHurdy

  35. 86

    by AlanHurdy

  36. 86

    by Michaelneedy

  37. 86

    by MichaelBag

  38. 86

    by WilliamAdvet

  39. 86

    by SueHurdy

  40. 86

    by Michaelbrema

  41. 86

    by DarrylMot

  42. 86

    by RodneyAsync

  43. 86

    by JackHurdy

  44. 86

    by EyeHurdy

  45. 86

    by MichaelPyday

  46. 86

    by AmyHurdy

  47. 86

    by MichaelBag

  48. 86

    by TeoHurdy

  49. 86

    by Davidpap

  50. 86

    by RodneyAsync

  51. 86

    by NickHurdy

  52. 86

    by JosephAlern

  53. 86

    by PaulHurdy

  54. 86

    by MichaelBag

  55. 86

    by MiaHurdy

  56. 86

    by Jamesmof

  57. 86

    by JaneHurdy

  58. 86

    by UgoHurdy

  59. 86

    by LisaHurdy

  60. 86

    by CarlHurdy

    I love the color, size and even the thickness. It came well wrapped and was delivered before expected. The quality is great and is very easy to spread and utilize for yoga, exercise or even for sleeping on the ground. With this thickness it can be easily used as a bed cover on a kids’ bed to protect the mattress from bed wetting. I also use it underneath my toddler’s playmat to add an extended soft play area. Great construction and very comfortable. Highly recommend it. I am very pleased with this purchase.

  61. 86

    by SamHurdy

    My yoga space is very cold and has a hard floor so I wanted a mat that could cover a wider area than a regular sized one and this worked great for me. As the mat is soft, I like that it was not too thick so as not to interfere with my balance when doing postures. Nonetheless, it still provides a sufficient layer of warmth from the cold floor. It suits my needs. It’s a great price and arrived on time. Very happy!

  62. 86

    by JackHurdy

    I have a very thick mat that I use for most of my yoga practice because my knees don’t like the thin mats they have at the studio. The problem is that thick mats are not good for aerial yoga because they slide around. This mat is the perfect ‘in-between’ thickness. It works for aerial photography and sticks to the floor where I put it, but it’s also thick enough to protect my knees when we’re doing floor work like a child’s pose during our aerial practice. I highly recommend this mat!

  63. 86

    by WilliamAdvet

    As a beginner, I love the cushion on this mat! It’s soft on my knees and wrists.
    Some prefer firmer mats but this is a great option for restorative yoga or if you’re just getting started on your yoga journey (like me). This mat is very lightweight and easy to clean. It has a good amount of grip and it’s not slippery like other mats. I chose the light pink color which makes it easy to spot any dirt or smudges, so if you care about that you might be better off choosing a darker color. I don’t really mind as the color is pretty. I would 100% recommend this product as you can’t really beat the price.

  64. 86

    by MiclGoara

    This fitness mat is just what I was looking for! It is very comfortable to sit, kneel, and do any kind of exercise on. The mat stays in place and I don’t have to worry about slipping on it. It is large enough to lay on and do most exercises. The material is easy to wipe down after using as well. When I’m done using it, I roll it up and put it in my trunk where it takes up no room at all. Great mat, highly recommended!

  65. 86

    by Michaelbrema

    Perfect mat! This is a great workout mat. The top is grips enough but not sticky and the bottom has a nice non-slip texture as well. The pattern makes it easy to know which is yours if you need to step away. The mat has a nice cushion as well if you are going to use it on a harder surface. We use it out in the yard.

  66. 86

    by SamuelVam

    Yoga Mat Must Have! Aesthetically pleasing and fully functional yoga mat gets 5 stars on both points! The texture makes hitting that downward dog pose a lot easier. It’s lightweight yet durable. I am very happy with this all-in motion mat. I would definitely recommend for both the novice and the professional yogi.

  67. 86

    by Estebanjar

    My daughter uses this mat and she loves it. She likes to do yoga and stretch on it. It sticks to the floor so she isn’t sliding all around and doesn’t take up a lot of space when rolled up, so it can be easily stored. It is a good thickness for our basic stretching and yoga, and has bounced back quickly. There are great colors as well!

  68. 86

    by Edgarexots

    This mat is the perfect thickness! It’s sturdy to give good support, but has a nice softness to make it extra comfortable for floor exercises. I have arthritis, so it’s very important to be able to get comfortable while on the floor doing various exercises and movements. I love the color and pattern and it is very well made, no concerns about durability!

  69. 86

    by TeoHurdy

    Great yoga mat overall! I have a similar mat from the same brand in another color for myself, and now I have this one for my husband. It is a great mat and it wears well. It is made of a nice material with just enough cushion. The length and width are perfect. The colors and texture of the mat are nice and are different from the typical yoga mat. This is a great purchase for yourself or for someone else who uses one for yoga or just for stretching exercises.

  70. 86

    by TommyDuh

    I love this mat. I was using my wife’s regular size 3mm mat, and my knees and wrists were paying the toll after nearly every session. I also had trouble getting my legs wide enough for some positions and often needed to shift when switching from front-facing to rear facing. When I switched to this mat, not only did I find more comfort while practicing, I also wasn’t waking up with sore knees anymore. The mat is long enough to fit my entire body while on my back, and I don’t have to constantly adjust when moving into plank. I highly recommend this mat for anyone .

  71. 86

    by JackHurdy

    Love It! I am new to yoga but have heard that getting a good mat was a must. So, I searched online a lot to see what was out there. I came across this mat. It had good reviews and it was thick which is what I was looking for. I am very glad I bought this. Not only is it thick and easy on the joints and muscles but it is sticky so you don’t slip while doing poses. Also, it did not have a bad order. That was something I was afraid of when buying a mat. I hate strong orders and this never had that. I would definitely recommend this mat to anyone and have told friends about it.

  72. 86

    by Davidpap

    At 61, I am reasonably healthy and fit, and up till now have been riding a bike for exercise. This past June I had a crippling bout with vertigo. I was diagnosed with labyrinthitis, a viral inner ear infection. I was told there was nothing to do to treat it and I could expect other episodes. (I had three more.) This was not an option. I had to give up bike riding, because of dizziness. I wondered what to do to solve this problem and thought of yoga. (I’m not the most coordinated person in the world.) I’ve been practicing this art every day, twice a day, since June 30. It has changed my life. Because I didn’t know if I’d continue, I bought the least expensive mat I could in gray. The thickness has made all the difference in the world and the design helps me space my feet wide enough and gauge the correct position for standing poses. Besides all that, I love the soothing color. Highly recommend it

  73. 86

    by WilliamAdvet

    Excellent! This mat is both very affordable and very well made! Beverly is happy with my purchase! I really feel like this mat really helps absorb a lot of fatigue from my workout and immediately noticed I was able to push myself significantly farther than before without a mat! It even absorbs some sweat and is not slippery even after a couple of hours of workouts. I really get motivated to start burning some salaries. Stay Home! Stay Fit!

  74. 86

    by UgoHurdy

    I got this as a gift from my father and I love it. In the past 3 years I have had both of my knees totally replaced and I had tried to use a thinner mat but I wasn’t able to because of the pain it caused. Using this mat, I have no problems Completing a complete yoga session! I would recommend this mat to anyone but more so to someone that has problems with their knees. You won’t regret getting this mat. For the price and quality of the matter you can’t beat it!

  75. 86

    by JasonHurdy

    I recently tore out my carpet and installed hardwood floors. I love them. But I can’t do my exercises on that hard floor. So, I ordered this yoga mat. Works great. Easy to maneuver around to suit each exercise. Just the right size, and soft enough for my old body!! Just roll it up when done and hide under the bed. This mat is not just for yoga anymore!!

  76. 86

    by RobertBat

    I am a tall and not-limber-at-all person. Despite failing every time, every few years I attempt yoga again. This mat arrived quickly . I used it for meditation and a few poses tonight and it surpassed my expectations! It was so comfortable that my three dogs (two pit bulls and a chihuahua) also came and sat on it with me! I will probably end up getting a couple of other colors because of the quality and price point!

  77. 86

    by SamuelVam

    This appears to be a solid mat, with better cushioning than expected. Just received it and have used it for a couple of days so can’t comment on the durability yet. Nonetheless, it feels sturdy and stays put on freshly finished, relatively slippery, wooden flooring. Pleasantly surprised by the better than anticipated initial quality. Seems to be a good value.

  78. 86

    by SueHurdy

    To preface this review, I needed a mat for yoga. The one that I had was falling apart. I found that this one was the best price I could find and I liked the color. I haven’t had any complaints. The material the mat is made of is pleasant to the touch while still being sturdy like other yoga mats, the color is very relaxing which is great for yoga. All in all I love this product and will continue to buy from this company next time I need a new mat.

  79. 86

    by Michaelneedy

    High quality/low cost. We love this exercise mat! We purchased it for my husband and myself! He uses it when using the roller to stretch his back. He commented a handful of times about the thickness and strength. I finally found a mat that cushions my back while working out laying down. I used to skip that part of my routine because it hurt but no more. We gave it 5 stars just for the quality and I’ll give it 5 more for the affordability! We will be making another purchase for sure.

  80. 86

    by JudyHurdy

  81. 86

    by CharlesAmoni

  82. 86

    by JaneHurdy

  83. 86

    by JosephAlern

  84. 86

    by DariaBic

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    by kzkazGam


  86. 86

    by Tobiaskeype

    interesting !

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