Lazy folding clothes board


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Lazy folding clothes board, give your tidy and orderly home—lazy folding clothes board


Lazy folding clothes board

this is the best Lazy folding clothes board for any types clothes. I made it with high-quality material, you can use it for a long time. you can easily pick up from kingwolf

Movable Ring Adjustable Thickness for Winter Clothes This folding board isn’t only for thin clothes, the humane design of portable malleable hinges for conforming consistency, perfect for downtime thick clothes.
Adjustable Clothing Folder Literally changes the laundry game. Cut the time you fold by partial with our phenomenon Fold. No further wasting time on the laundry, get your clothes consummately folded in just seconds.

Features of T-shart folding clothes board

  • Simple integrated design, using superimposed design, a piece of clothing on a board, quick storage , easy extraction and placement.
  • Made of excellent PS material, good toughness and high temperature resistance.
  • It is equipped with a small flip cover design, which is convenient for taking out and moving clothes,  looking for clothes that are not messy, and can save the space of the wardrobe.
  • There is a supporting foot design on the edge, which can be superimposed to save space.
  • There is a pattern on the bottom to ensure the clothes are ventilated, thick and durable.
  • Layered design, classified storage, quick and convenient to find, make the wardrobe as neat as a bookshelf. It can make your home neat and comfortable , orderly and orderly.
  • Each set of 5 folding clothes boards. the price shown is for a set of 5.
  • Color: white and grey
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65 Reviews For This Product

  1. 65

    by Karel Timmer

    Excellent! This was EXACTLY what I needed to take care of a tricky storage situation. I don’t have a lot of drawer space and I have a lot of large shelves that tend to get disorganized no matter which way I fold my t-shirts/tank tops. This helped get them in ONE space and stay organized and is so easy to use. My husband’s shirts are going next on my list to be organized with this. I am even considering using one at work to keep my desk organized. Try it and I imagine that you will love it too.Quickly find the shirt I need every day!

  2. 65

    by SdvillChado

    I searched for a long time and finally found such a cheap folding board!I like this concept for organizing shirts on a shelf so they don’t get all jumbled up. Since I have started using this, things are much tidier on his closet shelf. It’s relatively easy to get the separators out to refill with clean shirts. With a little work, they are easy to pull out and put back together. They are lightweight which works pretty good for smaller, thinner clothing.

  3. 65

    by RobertFaw

    Perfect and practical!I wasn’t sure I was going to like this but after my first order I was VERY happy and ordered 2 more! This allowed me to see all the colors and organize many of my t-shirts in a small space. I have shelves in my closet and when I would put them in there without the organizer they would fall and I could not tell what I had. This has made it much easier to see and use. When I want to wear, wash and return to the organizer it is so much easier! Thank you for this product!!

  4. 65

    by JamesRab

    Great design!This dramatically increased the space in my closet. Additionally, it made me realize how many of the same color t-shirt I had, and aided me to get rid of some shirts. Who really needs two weeks’ worth of black t-shirts? I am going to order more for my spaghetti strap shirts. These are really ideal for thinner clothes that are hard to organize. I do not think they would be sturdy enough for sweaters or jeans.

  5. 65

    by SteveEteda

    Great for the price. They fit perfectly under my bed giving my room the illusion of being tidy when in reality I just shoved a bunch of clean folded clothes underneath. They’re decently made and a decent size – if for some reason you’re not using them then they can be neatly stacked and put away.I like it.

  6. 65

    by Samuelwig

    Good Product!I bought these to hopefully organize my Lulu lemon legging collection which has gotten out of hand. There’s just no good way for me to store them–I’ve tried stacking and rolling and, while both ways sort of work, they’re not great–you still end up pulling out multiple pairs per time and it just makes a mess. So, I decided to try these. And wow was I blown away. They keep my drawers from looking like tossed salad. It’s been 1 years and I still have them.

  7. 65

    by Quincymep

    I put the stack of shirts in a box on the shelf in our closet. I can remove the stack from the shelf by taking the box off the shelf. I carefully remove the empty plastic dividers and fold the clean tees then add them to the top of the stack. I put the stack back into the box and return the box to the shelf. My dear hubby just slides the tee he wants out of the stack, no need to tilt the stack as shown in the photo. The plastic dividers are slick so the tees slide right out. Also, the tees come out looking like they have been pressed by an iron.

  8. 65

    by Josephc

    Great organization tool! I have a lot of t-shirts, so I keep them folded on the shelves of my closet. It seems like the one I want is always at the bottom of the stack. Every time I pull one out, the whole stack tumbles out so I end up shoving them back in. Pretty soon I just have a jumbled, wrinkled mess. These keep everything neat and tidy. I just flip the plastic trays up to the shirt I want, pull it out, and drop the trays back in place! I collect the empty trays on laundry day, fold my clean t-shirts, layer them in the trays and slide the whole stack back on the shelf.

  9. 65

    by Sdvill

    I bought these for packing my suitcase for a long trip. These worked perfectly for that purpose. As advertised, it was very easy to take items from the bottom of the stack without disturbing the upper layers. I could also take the entire stack out of the suitcase and place it in the drawer. Overall, I would recommend this product!

  10. 65

    by Sdvill Chado

    I have a neuromuscular disease and have lost lots of muscle mass in my upper arms and upper legs. It is difficult for me to hold clothes up and straighten and fold but this board makes it so much easier. I just lay my shirts flat, flip the boards, and I have a perfectly folded shirt. I even fold my pajamas together in a pair. It literally is fun to use and I look forward to using it every time. I get some satisfaction in the OCD part of me looking at the perfectly folded stacks of laundry.

  11. 65

    by Alfonse

    My husband and I started living in an RV full time this past year. I am always on the lookout for space savers as we have a small amount of storage space. I ordered one set of these to try them out. They work perfectly!!!! I filled my first set and they stack exactly as advertised. Yes, they are thin, which is what makes them stack so neatly. No, the back is not attached, which is good. But overall, these work brilliantly for the limited space we have.

  12. 65

    by Calvin

    I ordered a large and small set to try out and then soon ordered a lot more. I love these! I stack all mine and my husband’s tees and my extensive scarf collection. I stack my husband’s sport shorts and our long sleeve shirts as well. They are individual sheets and are not hinged or snapped together at all. This did not present a problem for me at all. One bonus about them is that they prevent certain clothing items from developing and spreading “funk” to their neighboring garments. This I especially liked because no matter how hard I washed and deodorize some of my husband’s polyester sport clothes get funky when stuffed in a drawer and cause all the other garments around them to smell as well. These folding clothes boards effectively resolved that problem by acting as a barrier between individual pieces of clothing. I keep spares stacked in case my kids need any. I highly recommend for neatness and efficiency.

  13. 65

    by SdvillChado

    I purchased this for miscellaneous paperwork rather than clothing. Within a minute after unboxing, the sliding piles on my dining room table were taken care of. Then I ordered three more sets. I’ve got a lot of paperwork – it’s so nice to be able to have them in a stack that doesn’t slide and that I can easily label with Post-Its. This way I can keep related items together without worrying they’ll get lost or mis-filed in shifting though looking for something else. I’m a visual person, so I like having things where I can see them, and this keeps a very efficient footprint on my desk.

  14. 65

    by Calvinfoesy

    Wow I’ve never been so organized with my t-shirts. What a relief not to have to search through a pile, rumpling all of them. It is so simple and easy to fold on the template, and stick it on the stack in my drawer. The plastic is light and flexible, easy to flip through and find just the right shirt to wear. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Bought again and I am trying with my dressier stretchy blouses that I keep in drawers.

  15. 65

    by SdvillChado

    My soldier son has limited space in which to store t-shirts and other items in the barracks. I bought him the easy-fold last year and knew when I saw this it would be a hit with him. Sturdy and helps keep the shirts in a neat stack so that when one is retrieved it doesn’t unfold all of the others. Perfect for the OCD drawer keeper and closet keeper.

  16. 65

    by Lucapdog

    Love Love love. I use these to organize my t-shirts and tank tops. Normally I would just fold them up and put them on the shelf. However, when I tried to look through them, they got so messy and would unfold. It’s such a great organizer. If I want a shirt in the middle of the pile, I just leave the stack and remove the shirt. I also put the empty folder at the bottom just to get things neat.

  17. 65

    by SdvillChado

    Fabulous product! Yes, they are thin, they are supposed to be or would not be too bulky. Our closet is SO much neater and more organized now and my husband has even found that it makes it easier for him to find the t-shirt he wants without ending up with a pile of them wadded up on the floor. Good for him and me!

  18. 65

    by Cecildiata

    My hope was high but my expectations were low and it totally surpassed my expectations. Easy to use. Saves me lots of space. I live in a Tiny House and these were the perfect solution for my tops.

  19. 65

    by RufusBox

    These clothes boards are fantastic for organizing fabric. I have recently started Quilting and my fabric is getting out of control. With these I have been able to fold and organize most of my fabric. Next month I will be ordering even more. I have shown all my friends and they will also be making orders. Great product.

  20. 65

    by karkasnye_bgSr

    I received this product a few days ago and have successfully transformed my closet, it is exactly what I needed. T-shirts, tank tops, sports bras, etc. all items that are flimsy on their own, stack up beautifully in this brilliantly designed product. They all look neat; I can see what I have & access what I want easily. I love them & have ordered two more sets! Contrary to some negative reviews, I have found the product to be flexible yet substantial, they provide assistance without being obstructive, I can’t say enough good things about this product! I highly recommend it.

  21. 65

    by TommyDuh

    I used to work in retail, and we had tools that helped us make the clothes on the shelves look neat and organized, and this product is on that level! It keeps the shirts neat and organized and it has never been easier for me to find my favorite shirt in a snap. They’re also great for pants, and a friend bought this after seeing mine, and she says it’s also helpful for organizing papers (add colored tabs to sort).

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    by EvaHurdy

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    by Ricsouth

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    by JasonHurdy

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    by KiaHurdy

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    by Michaelbrema

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    by AshHurdy

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    by Davidpap

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    by JaneHurdy

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    by SueHurdy

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    by Edgarexots

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    by filosofiya_kkki

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    by CarlHurdy

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    by PaulHurdy

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    by MarkHurdy

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    by SamuelVam

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    by ElwoodWeapy

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    by NickHurdy

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    by SdvillChado

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    by perevozka_fdSn

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    by WilliamAdvet

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    by JackHurdy

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    by EyeHurdy

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    by ZakHurdy

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    by TommyDuh

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    by Curtisbes

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    by DarrylMot

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    by XRumerTest

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Lazy folding clothes board

Lazy folding clothes board