roast meat essentials------- spray  oil bottle
roast meat essentials------- spray  oil bottle

roast meat essentials------- spray oil bottle

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  1. ABS plastic nozzles , with nozzles embedded in the shell, effectively prevent dust, spray oil becoming mist,exquisite and evenly.
  2. Press nozzle design, anti-skid treatment of the pump head, easy to push and spray oil.
  3. Thread sealing and prevent falling off bottle mouth, no oil leakage.
  4. The high temperature resistant and thicken ,visible clear bottle body, the principle of air pressure spray, can clearly see the amount of oil, and can also distinguish the type of seasoning.
  5. Pneumatic plastic oil suction pipe, immersed in oil, anti-corrosion, safe and durable.
  6. Closed design, no oil leakage when overturned. The bottom of the bottle has a three-dimensional groove design to increase friction and effectively prevent slippage.
  7. Lead-free glass bottles, corrosion resistance, high stability, will not precipitate any harmful substances. Small in size, convenient to carry and easy to clean.
  8. Avoid excessive and uneven oil brushing during grilling, which makes it easy to control the amount of oil. It can replace the use of brush for oiling during roasting, frying, baking and cooking, and it is a non-aerosol fuel injector without harmful substances.
  9. It is suitable for holding various liquid seasonings, also suitable for holding disinfecting water, lemon juice, wine and other liquids.

      Color: rose gold, gold, space silver