ratchet wrench,a good product for repairing cars

Currently, one of the most popular wrenches in the market is the ratchet wrench.

What is a ratchet wrench?

A ratchet wrench is a manual screw-tightening tool with a double-head multi-standard movable handle (fixed hole). This wrench is connected by the main and slave plum sleeves with different specifications and sizes by engaging the female and male hinges. Because a plum sleeve has two specifications for a plum-shaped through hole, it can be used to tighten two types of screws, thereby expanding its scope of use and saving raw materials and labor costs. The movable trigger can easily adjust the angle of the wrench. This wrench is used to tighten screws and has the characteristics of strong applicability, convenient use, and low cost.

How does a ratchet wrench work?

When the rocker of the active part swings counterclockwise, the driving pawl is inserted into the tooth groove of the ratchet wheel and pushes the ratchet wheel through an angle. Meanwhile, the stopping pawl slides on the tooth of the ratchet wheel. When the rocker of the active part swings clockwise, the stopping pawl prevents the ratchet wheel from rotating in the clockwise direction. Meanwhile, the driving pawl slides over the tooth of the ratchet wheel. Thus, the ratchet wheel becomes stationary. In this manner, when the rocker makes continuous reciprocating swings, the ratchet moves in a unidirectional intermittent motion. The reciprocating swing of the driving member can be achieved using the cam swing roller–follower mechanism, the crank–rocker mechanism, or the hydraulic transmission and electromagnetic device.

What are the common types of ratchet wrenches?

The common types of ratchet wrenches are ratchet torx wrench, ratchet hex wrench, pointed-tail ratchet wrench, quick-release ratchet wrench, and ratchet wrench.

What are the product features of a ratchet wrench?

The ratchet wrench uses a reciprocating swing-type manual turning nut, which can be loosened and tightened, is fast and convenient, and saves time and effort.

What are the features of a quick-release ratchet wrench?

General ratchet wrenches can only have forward and reverse rotations. The self-locking quick-release ratchet wrench has a button on its back. The sleeve will automatically fall off if you press the button. The sleeve will lock and not fall off if you do not press the button.

What are the advantages of ratchet wrenches?

A ratchet wrench can be used to rotate a bolt or nut placed in a narrow or hard-to-reach position. The ratchet wrench is rotatably connected to the end of the operating rod. The ratchet wrench has a weight connected to the operating lever. The weight slides along the length direction of the operating lever, and the operating lever at the front of the weight has a front-weight-bearing portion that blocks the collision of the weight. Alternatively, the operating lever at the rear of the weight has a rear-weight-bearing portion that blocks the collision of the weight. Moreover, the operating lever can have both a front-weight-bearing portion and a rear-weight-bearing portion. Thus, users can save time and effort and improve work efficiency.